Black Garlic

So, what is Black Garlic?

The Original Black Garlic is high quality raw garlic that has been aged at a certain temperature for a period of time. It’s purely heat and humidity.


Once aged it’s so different to it’s raw version. A much deeper more complex taste. An earthy, savoury but sweet flavour with hints of balsamic, tamarind, molasses and caramel. 

Try it in pasta dishes, risottos, salads, dressings, butters and so much more. Or even just a super healthy, tasty snack! Rich, sticky and ultra delicious this game changing ingredient is sure to enhance anything you add it to.

Total umami heaven! 

What does Black Garlic taste like?

Once aged, Black Garlic is so different to raw garlic, a deeper more complex taste. Sweet yet savoury with undertones of molasses, balsamic, caramel and more. Sure to enhance anything it's added to. Total umami heaven.